Can Help You Build a Successful Relationship That Will Last a Lifetime
Additionally, sessions can cover:

  • Questions you need to ask before you say, "I Do"

  • Stages every relationship goes through

  • How to stay connected during conflict

  • What makes marriages succeed or fail?

  • Relationship skills that build intimacy

  • Fair fighting technique

  • Sexuality


    Beliefs and values

    Roles in marriage

    Affection and sex

    Children and  parenting           
​     Family relationships

    Decision making

    Dealing with anger

    Time spent together

    Social activities

two hands building a sound marital house
 Couples Counseling Today
    ...Courage, Compassion, Connection
If you are a couple contemplating marriage or a long term commitment, premarital or prewedding counseling is for you. I provide religion neutral and non-religious counseling. Research shows that taking the time to prepare for marriage or commitment can make a substantial difference in a relationship's quality, resilience, and longevity.

The transition to marriage can be a challenge for many couples. What are the differences between couples who succeed and couples who do not? Attending a few sessions with an experienced couples counselor can help you answer that question.

A few sessions of couples counseling can significantly ease the transition to the next step in your relationship. The skills acquired during the process can help your relationship weather the storms that inevitably occur. Couples attend individualized sessions, tailored to their needs and styles.

 Pre-wedding Counseling 
    Individual and Couples Counseling Sessions

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Premarital Counseling Sessions Cover: