Premarital Questions About Money

Do we have compatible ideas about spending and saving (am I a spender or saver – and what's my partner?), long term (retirement saving) as well as short term (next car, appliance,or home purchase)? 

Have I been completely honest with my financial situation? 

Premarital Questions About Emotions and Conflict

Have we learned to tell each other what we expect ahead of time so that we are not disappointed when he/she doesn't read our mind? 

How do we manage conflictHow to we deal with each others style of managing conflict?

Premarital Questions About Sex

What are my ideas about monogamy? What are the boundaries that define our relationship? Do each of us feel fully confident in the other's commitment to the marriage and believe that the bond can survive whatever challenges we may face?

What do you know about our sexual preferences? Have you discussed premarital questions about the preferred time of day, number of times per week (or day), place, lights on or off, length of sexual contact, foreplay, or how adventurous you want to be?

Premarital Questions About Children

Have we, individually and as a couple, decided whether we want children? If the answer is yes, when? 

Premarital Questions about Equality

Have we discussed the  name question? Will either or both of us change names, will we hyphenate two names? Will we form a new name and how will our children, if any be named?

How do we deal with job stress? Are we grumpy or emotionally unavailable because we bring our work home – or work from home? 

Premarital Questions About the Household

​What are our pet peeves? Does it bother you if the toilet paper is on "upside down" or are you usually completely out altogether? Do you leave the cap off your toothbrush, the toilet seat up, or the fridge door open? A practical premarital question: Can you handle another person – even one you love – in "your space"?

Premarital Questions About Friends and Family

Do we like and respect each others friends?  How do we feel about having friends of the opposite sex? Are friends welcome in our home anytime or only when invited? Who else will have a key to our home or know where the spare one is hidden? What if there are no friends?

Do we like and respect each others families? 

Premarital Questions About Religion

What are your religious beliefs? Do we share the same desire for religion? Do we want to belong to a church, synagogue, mosque or temple? More than one? If not, would our relationship benefit from such an affiliation?

Does one of us have an individual spiritual practice? Is the practice and the time devoted to it acceptable to the other? Does each partner understand and respect the other's choices? 

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