Common Premarital Problems

There are a number of issues that are essential to discuss in premarital counseling. Sometimes these are issues that couples are aware of, know they need to discuss, are stuck on, or have already been arguing about when they schedule an appointment. Just as often these issues are hidden or are just below the surface. Number the issues below from 1 to 15 in relation to importance for you as individuals and we will share and discuss your answers as a couple.

____ Differences in Race or Ethnicity

____ Finances or Financial Disclosure

____ Values

____ Goals and Lifestyle

____ Politics

____ Religion

____ Children 

____ Family Planning

____ Sex

____ Intimacy

____ Premarital Affairs and Fidelity

____ Relationship Boundaries

____ Sociability

____ Readiness and Commitment

____ Communication

____ Fighting Fair and Repair After Conflict

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